Brandl Cattle Co. is a progressive breeding establishment that has been in business since 1976.

The herd originally started out in Sicamous, British Columbia under the herd name Blue Jay Angus Farm and was a strictly Black Angus herd. In the early 1980's with the purchase of Ed Rene Black Velvet 38P and Annsdale Lady Wren 8E the herd really began to progress. In 1986 BJ Sky King 621'85 was Grand Champion Bull at the Calgary Stampede and in 1987 BJ Lady Wren 81'85 was Reserve Grand Champion Female at Famfair in Edmonton.

In 1993 the herd was moved to the current location at Jarvie, AB and began operating as Brandl Cattle Co. While over the years we have had much success in the show ring, our focus is on producing the highest quality bulls for our commercial customers. Along the way we also supply a few bulls to other top purebred herds.

In 2005 we added a Red Angus division to our operation. Having the experience of being in the Angus business for years we were able to take some steps to save us a lot of time in building a quality herd.

Brandl Cattle Co. has a total committment to quality and looks at some things differently than other breeders. While some brag that they only have a portion of their bulls make it to their sale due to severe culling, that tells us that they have a lot of cows that shouldn't be purebred cows in the first place. Our cows are seedstock producers. If a cow has a bull calf, it better be good enough to make a saleable bull or the cow doesn't stay in our program.

Our focus is on no nonsense production. Our cattle work for us, not us working for them. While our total operation is strictly cattle, no crop production or other livestock, we do not have any hired help and we need to spend time with our kids and family as well. Our cows must calve unassisted, mother a calf, and breed back in a timely fashion (we have a 50 day breeding season from start to finish). Cows must maintain body condition while raising a robust calf and do this year after year. Cows with good feet, legs and udders will pay the bills. Cows need to last well into their teens, not be replaced within 5-10 years.

Right now our cowherd numbers from 110 to 120 calving females and we typically sell 50 to 55 bulls each year. Our annual bull sale is the first Saturday in March where we will sell 45 or 50 bulls, then we sell some bulls privately later on in the spring and summer months.

Brandl Cattle Co. genetics can be found around the world. We have exported bulls, females and embryos to the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Kazakstan and across the United States. One of our red bulls now has progeny and semen for sale in Australia. Our pedigrees are unique in that we have maintained a portion of our herd that has straight Canadian pedigrees. We insist on utilizing genetics that are not quite mainstream. We do not use whatever is in fashion at the big shows but rather what is in demand by our customers. Most of our pedigrees are a combination of genetics found in Canada, USA and the United Kingdom.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our website. We would be pleased to answer any questions and would be happier to have you visit our ranch.


Byron, Gwen, Kailey, Wynton & Landon Brandl